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2) Set your price and

3) We will instantly find you a provider for you.

Our medical council verifies and reviews each and every provider. We are proud to have an excellent team of certified providers in our network.

We have already searched for the best options for you so that we can instantly find all the doctors that match your request. You always have the option to choose from any of the suggested providers whose offer matches your request.

No. Magna Doctors will always stay free for all patients.

Our medical board constantly verifies and reviews each and every provider. We are proud to select an excellent team of certified providers.

If your offer is low, or we cannot find a provider in your area, you can save your offer (We call it a “Wish List”). We will negotiate your request on your behalf, and we will notify you when a provider accepts it.

You have an option to get an appointment instantly or print the voucher to use at a later time. If you schedule an appointment on Magna Doctors’ platform, we will send your information to provider’s office to contact you and confirm your appointment. If you decide to use your voucher, we will send the voucher to your phone or email so you don’t have to print it!

Providers are obligated to accept your voucher and honor their matched offer unless the service is against your best health interest.

Yes, we will only use your information to communicate with your provider and never share your data with any 3rd party.


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We are active in Southern California, and we will expand to Florida and New York in late 2022.

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