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Why MagnaDoctors For Providers

Why Magna Doctors?

MagnaDoctors is

An online medical referral platform which matches doctors with cash pay patients. Doctors can simply create an offer and publish it to be seen by millions of users in our platform. While patients save on their expenses, doctors fill the gap in their schedule.

Increase cash pay patients

MagnaDoctors expands the reach of doctors to cash pay patients and fill the gaps in their schedule.

Made for doctors by doctors

MagnaDoctors was built by medical professionals for medical professionals and patients. As doctors, we know the hassle and inefficiency of other marketing platforms for providers, and we also understand what patients are looking for.


The basic MagnaDoctors subscription is always free and our premium services are a fraction of other marketing platforms.

Easy to Use

The dashboard is very easy to manage. You don't have to call us for any change, but we are always available to help.

Private and confidential

We will never use our customer information for marketing purposes. We never share any information with 3rd parties. Deleted offer data will be removed from our servers and new patients won't see the expired offers. We are HIPPA compliant.

Efficient and Flexible

Doctors have full control over managing their offers. They can change their offers at anytime.

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