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Your skin is copious in collagen and elastin when you are born. These proteins are responsible for the structure of your skin. When the production of these proteins slows down, your skin starts to lose its tightness. Other than aging, having loose skin may be the result of weight loss or sun exposure.  

Treatments for skin tightening can make loose or excess skin tight again.  One may get a procedure in order to have a young appearance again. There are surgical and nonsurgical procedures to reduce sagging. The reason most people prefer receiving nonsurgical procedures is because: it is safer, it is cheaper, and there is an easier recovery.

It is possible to tighten the entire body through various methods. Radiofrequency (Thermalift, Thermage, and Elixis) is an in-office method of skin tightening where a device applies radio waves to the loose skin to make it tight. Intense pulsed light (Velashape) is also an in-office method of skin tightening where a device shrinks the fat cells. Ultrasound therapy is a method that can be used at home where ultrasound waves go inside of the skin, and restore collagen production.

The surgical procedures are usually more reliable but they require a lot more work.  A liposuction removes extra fat in the body by attaching a vacuum under the skin. A tummy tuck is done by removing fat from the abdomen and the skin gets arranged back onto the repositioned contours for a smoother, tighter look. A facelift is done by elevating the skin in the face and sculpting the fat. 

The side effects of any of these procedures include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tingling
  • Soreness

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